The Concept


My Jolie Candle, a delectable scented candle with handmade jewellery hidden in each candle is - worth melting for.

◆ Every scented candle contains silver jewellery made with Swarovski Elements 

◆ An exclusive collection of 100 varieties of jewellery

◆ A chance to receive a candle containing jewellery made of gold and diamond(s) worth £200, £1000 or £5000.

The Jewellery


Hidden in every candle is jewellery made with Swarovski Elements

◆ The ring, bracelet or necklace is concealed in the wax and appears as the candle burns gradually.

◆ For even more fun, My Jolie has designed over 100 different styles to choose from for your own collection or to gift to your family and friends.